Makes you explore the Galaxies and Stars


Endless Journey of Learners

Takes you to the Swampy Land in a Deep Forest


Where you ask the right question

Let you Dive through the Deepest Oceans


visit places beyond your imagination

Get you Climb through highest Mountains


Experience the Expeditions

Walk through the Pre-Historic times


Reveals the Hidden Truth


Virtual Reality

The revolutionary VR technology takes you within seconds to an immersive world of limitless possibilities, with near realistic 3D environment and motion captured based physical interactivity. Virtual Reality becoming one of the fastest growing markets in the world. This emerging technology has opened many doors for new ideas and innovation that will boost the economy. According to #CES2017 from this point onwards the Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality to take over the technology revolution.

Virtual Reality Applications


Virtual Reality to teach the skills needed for the future by enabling learners to explore, play, work as a team, compete, and be rewarded for their achievements through interactive lessons.

  • Virtual Field Trips
  • Immersive VRXOne Lab
  • VR for Arts & Design
  • Safe Laboratory Practicals through VR
  • Game based Learning
  • Geography, Marine Life VR Exploration
  • Astronomy & Space Research through VR
  • Architecture & Interiors
  • VR for Sports & Games
  • VR to improve Public Speech

Corporate Training

Virtual reality (VR) enhances traditional training methods through a new, practical and interactive approach. Improve Knowledge Retention by doing things in an immersive Environment.

  • VR based Induction/ Onboarding
  • Improving Health & Safety through VR
  • Increase Knowledge Retention
  • Hands-on VR Training Simulations
  • Customer interactivity through VR
  • VR to improve Marketing Strategy
  • Special purpose training in VR
  • High Risk Environment VR Simulation
  • Critical National Infrastructure brief on VR
  • VR for Business Planning


Virtual Reality has proven great results with 34% of Physical Health and 47% of Mental Health Improvements through various applications and learning programs.

  • 360° Live streaming of Surgical Procedure
  • Medical & Nursing Simulation
  • Emergency Drill Scenario
  • VR for pain & anxiety relief
  • Assistive Technology for Special Education.
  • Interactive Anatomy Lessons
  • Yoga, Meditation and Recreational Therapy
  • Virtual Medical Consultation
  • Motivational Therapy for Aged Citizens
  • VR for Medical Tourism

Product Features

VRXOne products offer unparalleled performance for Virtual Reality content delivery and control. Extremely reliable and user-friendly,

Sync & Charge

Automatic Synchronization Process keeping all devices work together

Ultra Violet Light

Built-in UV Light assuring Sanitation against microorganisms

Smart Security

Intelligent Smart Locking with Authentication

Power Speaker

Built-in Bluetooth Speaker for an Amusing Audio Experiences

Worldwide Delivery

Through reliable carriers shipping across the world

Rugged Hard Case

IP65 Water Resistant, Durable, Rugged Case with Maximum Protection and Safety

Portable Trolley

Shockproof, Tamper Proof Trolley Case for Convenience and Portability

Retractable Cable

User Friendly Design with Push Button and Extra Power Sockets

Wifi Connectivity

Local Network Capability to serve multiple devices simultaneously

Custom Branding

Have your Logo, School Name or an Organization name with Color options

Available Options

Why VRXOne Kit?

  • Custom Tailored Solutions

    Your VRXOne Kit will be custom-built and optimized for your needs. We’ll work with you to determine the ideal solution, software package, quantity of devices and selection of head gears, and additional customization that may be needed.
  • Play Any VR Content

    VRXOne provide large numbers of devices and head mounts and can accept content in virtually any format and resolution compatible to Virtual Reality. This means you can unite all of your contents on a single platform and play them as desired on your VRXOne Kits.
  • Field-Proven Reliability

    VRXOne Kits are built with professional-grade components and engineered for maximum reliability, resilience, and longevity. They are trusted Schools, Hospitals, Industrial and Corporate clients and have been repeatedly proven in 24/7 environments.

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Google wants to introduce VR to a million British schoolchildren ( Source : Google Education)

VR Market Overview

$ 5.2b

VR Market size in 2020

$ 25b

VR Software Market size in 2020

$ 1.5m

VR head-mounted display shipments worldwide 2016


Samsung Gear VR device unit sales 2016


Number of active virtual reality users worldwide 2016